Mar 19, 2010

My Body Mass Index (BMI) counts 27, therefore I am not overweight - that's according a weight management experts.

I have been feeling quite bad about gaining weight starting last year. But since dieting is not really my cup of tea, I just let my body takes what it can.

I was just watching TV one afternoon and here come a weight loss pill ad endorsed by one of the famous artists of the country. Just out of curiosity, I tried surfing its official website to see how it works and if I can be a possible candidate of such product. That's how I learned about this BMI thing plus the surprising fact that I am "not" actually overweight in contrary to what I have been bitterly thinking of.

So anyway, I really don't have the intention to try the product even if I happened to be a qualified candidate. I'm too chicken to take risk when it comes to my health and body. I could better convince myself to wake up early in the morning to do some workouts but not taking diet pills of any kind... unless maybe if it's prescribed by health experts.

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