Apr 27, 2010

Nothing can be as fun and exciting when you're out in the beach with families and friends not only during summer but on weekends as well. For us Filipinos, the food choices that quickly comes to our mind when we plan on going to the beach usually are grilled stuffs (pork, fish, squid) and the most popular among them all - the 'fish kinilaw' (cubed fresh tuna fish in vinegar, salt, cucumber, lemon lime, spices and hot chillis). Ohh, imagine how hot and mouthwatering it is. But I left it out in the pictures below so you have something to think up for yourself, LOL!

If you have enough time, you may want to marinate your pork chops/belly with soy sauce, lemon and garlic for few hours to make it tastier... the same thing with the fish. But in our case, we made it sure to get the newly catch fish and freshly slaughtered pork meat in town so all we had to add on both before putting them to grill is plain salt.

Anyway, these pictures were taken last year when we had our visit in one of Cebu's finest beaches. Oh how, I so miss that adventure and this summer just reminds me of it.

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