Jun 7, 2010

It'll be back to school time for my daughters in a week so I bought them supplies already as early as last week so all they have to do for the rest of the summer vacation that's left is to prepare them selves for the coming of a brand new school year.

At the store I let them decide what they want and what they need and these were obviously their personal choices. Their dad got their new school bags already so that saves me a few hundreds, hehe!

Naureen (left) will be in Grade II while Kate (right) will be in Grade III. Both are excited and thrilled at the same time as to who their new teachers and classmates will be.

I rarely spend for their education so I grab every rare chance I get to make them feel important and I am fortunate and grateful at their very tender age they do understand why things has to happen the way they did. I love my daughters. They are my sole source of strength.

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