Jul 12, 2010

I can't believe what my older sister asked me to do this morning. She called me all the way from the city to ask if I could find her a great deal of laptop computer online. She knew I'm fond of browsing online stores and I do sometimes share whatever I find worth spending with her because I know she loves to splurge a lot. And I am her total opposite! Funny, because she was here yesterday on my niece's birthday but never mentioned any about it.

Anyway, my sister is no techie... although she knows computer basics. The idea of buying a computer came up when she noticed how her 5 year old daughter, Jam got so fascinated with it. I think I have influenced the girl that good, LOL! But other than that, the school that they are into now is already integrating basic computer lessons. Being a mommy myself I understand my sister's will to meet the need of her daughter when it comes to her education.

Lucky her because looking for cheap laptops is no longer that tedious these days! I actually have bookmarked pages of those I believe are reliable sources so there's no need for me to look further in case I need one. So tomorrow I shall start looking up for there's still one more important task that I need to complete before signing out for bed tonight.

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