Aug 28, 2010

Camera Critters #1
Camera Critters
I'm becoming so fond of joining memes lately and thought this one would keep me in constant contact with my camera and my immediate surroundings so here's my welcome entry for Camera Critters this week.

A green grasshopper in my unpainted bedroom wall!

I didn't even know how did it get in there and I admit it startled me when it first hopped up my shoulder. But I know creatures like this are harmless so I just let it enjoy the space it got for hopping.


Hmmmn, maybe she is looing for a cooler place to stay.


I had one a week or so ago in my bedroom.... Cute critters but I had to re-locate mine to the garden. Was afraid of it jumping on me...hehe


Great shots. I haven't seen green grasshopper in a long time. Love your photos.


Welcome to Camera Critters.

Great shots of the grasshopper.


shadows are cool... nice of you to co-habit for a while :)

I don't have any cc pics to share this week, however I do have this for the critter lovers: 4-legged Tee Giveaway! PLUS The A to Z of Animal Tees :)


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