Aug 1, 2010

While we don't hope for the worse to happen to our family and our peaceful living, we cannot deny the fact that disasters are bound to happen at any time of the day. Others may think it's awkward to prepare for it but did you know that keeping survival kits inside your car, at home or even in the office is the safest way in riding out emergency situations like earthquake, hurricane, fire and all other types of natural disasters? Grab and go will save you time when you need it the most so whether you want to tailor them on your own or you get pre-made ones from a store, the bottom line is you have it ready when you need it.


When I lived in Morocco I always had an emergency kit prepared at home with bottled water, crackers, cans of food, some clothes, candles, medicine... I haven't made one here yet. Your post reminded me it's about time I do something about it. THANKS!


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